First wash your hands, you don’t want dirty fingerprints on your wall. The better you mask the less you will have in clean up. I use .3 mil high density  plastic and I like the 12 foot width. I also use 1.5 inch masking tape on the plastic. I like to overlap plastic 1 to 3 feet. The more the overlap the better because the spray hose can drag it open. So use a lot of tape well. To do a better job you can remove outlet covers, tape off outlets and switches then replace with clean or new covers. Also window coverings are best removed but can sometimes be difficult to replace. Mask base and trim off if it’s going to be a different color or sheen however if you are changing colors drastically from existing it may be helpful for a coat as a primer to change colors. I like using paint rather than primer because generally it is a better quality.


Matching Paint

For years I matched paint and sprayed from the base to about 5 feet high to touch up homes for half price. To blend I fogged the upper portion. Which for Landlords and their rentals it was attractive. The key to this is matching the paint. At first I would remove a piece of wall that later I would have to repair or a painted outlet cover and have it matched at a paint store or box store. Then I would return and add white paint or tint to get the match as close as possible.  To match sheen I would start with similar sheen or higher sheen and add taping mud to dull sheen as needed. I also used 16 ounces to one gallon of water to 5 gallons of paint to help with blending colors and sheen.

Crazy_Mike.2Click on picture for YOUTUBE video. How to apply matched paint.

Spray Painting as Touch Up:

I sometimes use cardboard shields. You can get those at paint stores. I like to use 415 spray tips for touch up and reversible tips are a must. 415 Tips give you more control of the paint being applied but also it’s more work for you. It slows down the painting and you may need a second coat for some dark areas. You may need to keep the spray tip closer to the wall for less over-spray.

CleanerWDirty-CarpetW1Dirty-RagW  Vehicle stains cleaned.

Cleaner good for removing paint in carpets and general cleaning. Available at Home Depot. It comes in a spray bottle as well.


  I used acetone to clean toilet mat glue from vinyl flooring.


Summertime grass needs either spot water or fertilizer for yellow spots in the yard. WEED N FEED BY VIGORO


Updated 12.21

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